Residential Heating

Whether you need a new heat pump, A/C unit, temperature control system, a Air Conditioning unit serviced or repaired, or anything else related to the residential Air Conditioning systems; we at Midlothian Mechanical are the ones to get the job done. We do it as quickly, efficiently, and painlessly (for you) as possible.

We operate 24/7 for all 365 days in the year. Anytime your residential heating system experiences a glitch (or worse, a melt-down), we will be there as soon as possible to get your heating system working again.

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The following list shows the complete list of services we perform to ensure the productivity of your heating, air conditioning, and gas systems. If you’re interested in us performing these tasks twice a year for good measure, sign up for our comfort service agreement.


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Air Conditioning & Heating

Clean outdoor coil
Lubricate motors as required
Check blower wheel for balance
Check refrigerant charge
Check wall thermostat
Clean return air grills
Check/flush drain pan line
Check all safety switches
Check electrical components (Including Amps/Volts)
Check electrical connections
Change all filters (Filter cost extra)
Check superheat to compressor
Check Temperature drop across indoor unit
Shut down humidifiers for summer
Insure summer switch over is operating properly
Inspect ducts for leaks/insulation damage

Heat Pump: as above PLUS

Check reversing valve operation
Check/clean auxiliary heater
Cycle and check emergency heat
Check temperature rise
Replace humidifier pad (Pad cost extra)
Check defrost thermostat, sensors and operation
Insure winter switch over is operating properly
Turn on/Check Humidifier (Winter Service)

Gas Service

Inspect heat exchanger
Inspect flue and passages
Check for gas leaks
Clean flume sensor and test
Inspect blower motor & wheel
Check gas pressure
Clean return air grills
Turn on humidifier (winter)
Turn off humidifier (summer)
Check all thermostats
Clean heat exchanger
Remove/Clean/Inspect burners
Check all safety controls
Lubricate motors as required
Clean pilot/Inspect igniter
Check electrical components & connections
Change all filters (Filter cost extra)
Check Temperature rise across indoor unit
Clean & flush condensate drain on 90% furnace
Replace humidifier pad (Pad cost extra)

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